Reinventing Yourself

Here is a blog post written by "Safety Officer" after reading High Heel Leadership. It's a little lengthy but worth the read & provides great insightšŸ‘ 

Written By: Safety Officer

"So there I was surfing LinkedIN looking for new contacts in the safety industry when a pop-up appeared on my phone. It was an announcement that Natasha Hampton had written a book "High Heel Leadership The Art of Being a Woman in Power". At first, I was like "YAY! My ACM wrote a book, good for her!" I clicked like and resumed my search. Another pop-up, this one had a spoiler about the book. I read it and I was hooked. There were links to Amazon to buy the book. I could get the Kindle version right now or wait 8 days before the softcover would be released. I'm old school, so soft cover it was.

I read the book in three days flat. As my Dad would say, it was a real page turner. It was an eye-opening experience for me. Nothing prepared me for what I read on those pages. It was a well written memoir of Natasha's journey from administrative assistant to ACM. When, not if I decide to write my book, I now have a blueprint of how to weave all my life experiences together in one volume.

Her book detailed her struggles and how she overcame them. I was entertained, informed, and educated. I learned about Same Sex Sabotage. As a man, I had heard about this in whispers when I stumbled into a conversation that was not meant for my ears. I know how to recognize it and the tactful confrontation needed to stop it in its tracks. I learned about reinventing yourself, personal branding, and about how fear and doubt affects us all into thinking we are not worthy of attaining the next promotional step.