Look For The Signs

Lately, I've struggled with gathering my thoughts and for the first time that I can remember I didn't have the wherewithal to compose them. Not that the murders of innocent men and women of color before were not hard to handle, but the murder of George Floyd has left me questioning everything from my career, relationships and my purpose. I feel lost, alone and without answers.

To find peace, I often head outside for a power walk. Headphones on and playlist blasting, I'm deep in thought while vibing to the rhythmic beats of Beyonce or DMX. On this day however after walking for almost an hour, I did what I rarely do. I looked up. I looked to the sky to find one eagle, wings grandly spread and soaring; alone. It for me was a sign. It was a sign and reminder that in our life, career and leadership journey we must sometimes fly alone. It was a reminder that soaring is never easy. Taking flight is nerve wrecking and yes sometimes, misunderstood. It was a sign to never fear being alone, lost, or misguided for a moment. Rather, to always remember to look for the signs reminding us of why we must always soar!