• Natasha Hampton & Gina Knight

Listening. Persevering. Self-Compassion.

Here is the full interview with Jasmine Uyen Le.

What does leadership mean to you? What is your personal definition of leadership?

Leadership can be a vague term for many. For me, it's simple. Leadership is about nurturing and empowering. The true leaders know her people, and almost always go the extra mile in helping them unlock their own potentials. We can be excellent at what we do to be a good manager. But to earn others' respect and loyalty, it takes time to build the tribe, to lift others up, and connect them all together. It's easier said than done, I'm still learning every day within my own tribe.

What are the top three traits or characteristics to have as a leader?

Great questions. We read many books, learn many terminologies, explore many concepts but it all comes down to:

i. Listening. Intellectual humility is the best skill of all. It keeps us humble and caring. It keeps our ego at bay while learning how to best assist others.

ii. Persevering. It's like in marketing, people say, don't think an ad, think a campaign. Nobody waking up one day thinks she is a billionaire or a leader. The big difference between consistent and persistent is that true leaders not only puts in the same works daily, but she also continues to do it despite the challenges and obstacles.